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Reviews in Nashville, TN

Jeffrey D. Horn, MD, of Vision for Life offers ophthalmology services for the residents of Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and the surrounding communities of Tennessee. Our patient reviews are a testament to the exceptional care that we provide to each and every patient.

Kathleen says:

I wanted to thank you again for all that you have done for me. First for fixing the scleritis in my eyes, when many other eye doctors could not. And now a big thank you once again for giving me the ability to see for the first time in my life without wearing glasses. I have never even had contacts and now I am blessed to have [ Lens Replacement ] surgery to correct my vision. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU – AND A MILLION TIMES THANK YOU!! I am truly blessed and thank the good Lord for you and for giving you such knowledge and ability. Words cannot express my gratitude. I would also like to donate my glasses now that I will no longer be needing them!

Lynn says:

I thought cataract surgery was for old people until my mom had cataract surgery with Dr. Horn, and I found myself having her read the menu to me because I couldn’t read it without my glasses! I wanted what she had – her life back.

I was one of the first to get the new ReSTOR 3.0. Everything in my life required clear vision – my work as a registered nurse, my home with a special needs child and my spiritual needs – so it was worth it. I needed close, far and in between, and I got it. I don’t wear glasses anymore.

Sharon A. says:

It’s not very often that I feel the need to write a praise letter. But after having cataract surgery at Vision for Life, my distance vision is 20/20, and I actually see better than 20/20 for both intermediate (computer) vision and near (reading) vision. Therefore, a letter complimenting Dr. Horn ‘s surgical skills is very much in order.

I first came to Dr. Horn as a patient, after seeing two other highly-advertised ophthalmologists in the area. I had dry eye syndrome, quite severe myopia (nearsightedness), and a good deal of astigmatism. In addition, I had cataracts and wanted the new intraocular lenses implanted in both eyes.

I’m a paralegal and my nearsightedness allowed me to read documents and books without glasses. I very much wanted to keep that reading ability. My distance vision, however, was so poor that I had long ago given up night driving and was having difficulty seeing road signs during daytime driving.

In fact, I could not function for more than a few minutes each day without my glasses. And even with my prescription glasses, I hadn’t been able to achieve 20/20 vision for about ten years.

Now, for the first time in my life, I am seeing well enough to drive (a happy event for my husband). I can place my computer monitor at just about any location on my desk and see the smallest print. And I am able to read very small print in legal documents and on pill bottles without corrective glasses. My near vision has improved and I don’t have any trouble reading, even in less-than-perfect lighting. I now own a whole wardrobe of pretty new sunglasses with no correction in any of them.

This was the best money I have ever spent. Best of all, good vision has given me back control over my life and it sure makes growing older easier to accept!

Thank you!

Sandra H. says:

I am so glad that I chose Dr. Horn to correct my vision without glasses. I saw 2 doctors before I chose him. He is the best. I can now see just as well as I did as a teenager. I am so happy that I chose him. I no longer have to worry about finding my glasses that constantly slid off of my nose. He is so professional and yet so friendly. I have referred several friends to him. He is what we used to expect in a doctor. He is there for the welfare of his patients–not just the money. I wish that all of my doctors were of his school of thought because he treats his patients the way that he would treat his family.

Gary M. says:

Dr. Horn,

I want to thank you so much for the wonderful care and expertise you and your staff provided in my cataract surgery. I was very impressed and very appreciative of the time you spent with me to understand the impact of my lifestyle on my vision needs and the great skill you demonstrated in choosing just the right combination of lenses to give me a full range of vision with no need for glasses at all. For my favorite activities I’m corrected to better than 20/20.

Before coming to you, I had been referred by my optician to another ophthalmologist who, I learned later, was not even qualified to offer accommodating lenses as an option. My primary care physician then referred me to another very well known ophthalmologist. He was certified for accommodated lenses, and correctly identified a cornea condition that could have impacted outcome, but told me that my surgery could result in a 5 to 10% chance of requiring a cornea transplant as a result of this. I then began to do my own research and chose you based on your reputation, accomplishments and certification by Bausch as one of the few Centers of Excellence for Crystalens in the Nashville metro area. You were much more thorough in your assessments and explanations, and gave me a high degree of confidence that my surgery would be successful without complications.

Your staff made unsolicited praises of your dedication to having the best equipment, being a perfectionist in developing the best solution for your patients and creating a great team environment. Even the nurse at the surgery center said you had a reputation for being an excellent surgeon.

My experience with you and your staff was far superior to that with either of the other two doctors, and the results you provided with the improvements in my vision are just amazing. So thank you again for your dedication to your profession, your mastery of your surgical skills and the care you show for your patients and the precious gift of vision. You’ve made a wonderful difference in my vision and in my life.

Roger says:

Dr. Horn used the Toric lens to improve my vision in a matter of minutes, literally. When they wheeled me into the recovery room, I still had a cataract in my right eye and a patch over my left eye. But the patch had holes in it, and I was able to read the signs on the walls! I started crying. It was emotional for me because I’ve never been able to see like that. Dr. Horn gave me a big thumbs-up and I gave him one back and I knew this was going to be wonderful.

Susan W. says:

Your caring atmosphere exudes compassion, expertise and kindness. There is no hint of narcissism from what I would call The Best Vision For Life provided by The Best Ophthalmologist in our lifetime. Thank you for my ability to see – even without the aid of glasses, for your gentle spirit and the natural ability to make a “terrified phobic” see.

Dr. Horn has a gift past medicine – he conducts himself as a “human being” which many surgeons have long forgotten. None of this has gone unnoticed.

Sandra H. says:

I had a problem keeping glasses on without my nose being constantly irritated. I visited 2 places recommended to me, and I was not happy with the lack of care given to me regarding selection of the proper treatment for my specific needs. Thank God, I found Dr. Horn. I now have no cataracts, and I can read perfectly without glasses thanks to the implants used for my needs. He is the best! His staff made me feel comfortable, and the follow-up is fabulous. I have referred several friends to him. I respect Dr. Horn for his progressive treatment methods as well as for selecting the proper treatment for my specific needs.

Joyce M. says:

I chose Vision for Life for my Lens Replacement surgery because I felt confident in Dr. Horn. My surgery was about 6 months ago, and the care I received from Dr. Horn and his entire staff was excellent – from the receptionist to the nursing staff, everyone was excellent! I’m 63 years old and now I can clearly read road signs at a distance, work on my computer, read close-up, sew and mend things… all without glasses!

Melva (Joy) B. says:

Dr. Horn, it was such a blessing to be able to participate in the clinical trial! I was benefited far beyond expectations, while others were being helped as well. Hopefully, Alcon will continue such programs as they bring improvements to the general public.

Your patience and understanding were most important to me, especially in the beginning when I was so apprehensive. I will just always be grateful for your excellent skills and professional manner.

Your staff too is extremely caring and helpful. Your entire practice is one that Nashville is most fortunate to have in their medical community.

These words should have been written months ago but they are still very much from the heart. The gift of sight is such a precious gift to give to someone. I’ll always be grateful! I wish for you and your staff many blessings in the coming year. May you help all of your patients as much as you have helped me.

Francie says:

Dr. Horn has been elevated to sainthood in our family as my dad was diagnosed with macular degeneration and Dr. Horn determined it was a mis-diagnosis. My dad is 90 now and doing well. Thank you so much!!!

Phyllis says:

Dr. Horn and his staff are wonderful. I woke with a swollen, blind, very painful eye. My physician referred me directly to Dr. Horn. Upon immediate arrival his staff began to take care of me. I was treated for the pain in the waiting room! What care! But there was no waiting. I went back to Dr. Horn who took such great care of me. My husband and I knew we were at the right place. I want to tell everyone what a great experience I had. Dr. Horn and his staff turned a frightening morning into a painless, comforted afternoon. Thank you, Phyllis.

Gary C. says:

Appox 5 yrs before I became a patient of Dr. Horn’s I had been to a doctor in Chattanooga for cataract lens replacement. He did multi-focal lens replacement and said everything was fine for me. And it was except I couldn’t see. He told me it might take a year to get the full benifit of implants.

One year later, no improvement. I decided to change doctors. Went to a very well known doctor in Nashville. He said he could help me with lasik. Same story, it would take a while to get full benefit. Two years later, no improvement. Basically gave up but then decided to try one more doctor. I found my way to Dr. Horn and after a long period of time and much discussion with Dr. Horn, I (we) decided to remove my transplants and try a different lens.

Bottom line is I now have multi-focal lenses that are great. Now a year later I see distance, read and everything in-between. No glasses needed. Thank you Dr. Horn.

P.S. Yes I paid for lens replancement twice and lasik once.

Mary Ellen says:

Money well spent. Thank you for convincing me of the right lens choice – I would have been disappointed otherwise.

Linda T. says:

I am so happy with my new lens! I can read and see things that I could not see before. I give your card to everyone I talk to.

Joyce B. says:

I only wish I could have had this implant years ago. I have to get used to not putting my nose close to what I’m reading. I thank my Lord for you and for what He has done for me.

TR says:

I graduated from bifocals to trifocals, and when you have that type of eye wear, you’re always trying to “find your vision.” So I told Dr. Horn, “Let’s do it!” Now, I can read anything – from the smallest of print to the largest and everywhere in between and have instant focus.

I have better vision now than I did when I was a teenager. I don’t wear any glasses except sunglasses, and for the first time in over 30 years I was able to buy a regular pair of sunglasses. This surgery is easier than taking a physical.

Donna F. says:

When I first came to see Dr. Horn, I was a little nervous and apprehensive, but from the time I walked through the door, Dr. Horn and the entire staff were friendly and everyone exhibited a caring attitude and made me feel at ease. Dr. Horn is awesome! He’s thorough, cares about my vision and was available and willing to answer all of my questions and concerns about cataract surgery. I chose Tecnis lens implants and now, I’m able to thread needles, read street signs, read the scoreboard at the ballpark (and see players’ jersey numbers) and watch TV (even read items scrolling at the bottom), all without glasses!

At Vision for Life, our ophthalmologist, Jeffrey D. Horn, MD, offers ophthalmology services for the residents of Nashville, Goodletsville, Hendersonville and the surrounding communities of Tennessee. Our reviews give you some insight into the high quality, personalized care that you will receive at our practice. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today!

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