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Our LASIK Surgery Technology in Nashville, TN

Not all LASIK laser systems are the same, and you want to feel confident in the outcomes of your LASIK surgery, especially since you may pay for a large portion of the surgery yourself. At Vision for Life, our LASIK surgery technology was selected by Jeffrey D. Horn, MD, to optimize outcomes for the residents of Nashville, Franklin, Hendersonville and the surrounding communities of Tennessee.

What LASIK Surgery Technology is Offered at Vision For Life?

LASIK surgery is a broad term that describes a technique by which the cornea of the eye is modified via laser energy. The modifications aim to change the shape of the cornea to correct abnormalities that affect vision. All lasers are not the same, so Dr. Horn has chosen the Allegretto Wave® laser for his patients. Incorporating wavefront data, this laser system customizes your LASIK treatment for your unique eye. Additionally, the Allegretto laser continuously tracks the tiny movements of the eye during LASIK, ensuring precision and accuracy throughout the entire procedure. This commitment to using only the most advanced and most precise laser system means unparalleled results and safety for our patients.

Benefits of LASIK with Allegretto Wave®
The Allegretto Wave® system:

  • Treats a range of vision problems
  • Uses an advanced data collection methodology to maximize vision improvement
  • Allows for measurements that are 25 times more accurate than traditional methods
  • Offers exceptional vision improvement in a variety of situations
  • Provides a high level of patient satisfaction

How Much Does LASIK Cost in Nashville?

The cost of your LASIK surgery may not be covered by your vision and medical insurance. You should check your coverage and review your budget before scheduling the LASIK procedure. We accept cash, check and major credit cards, including Visa®, MasterCard® and American Express®, for your out-of-pocket costs, such as a co-payment, deductible and co-insurance, and any other remaining balance. Financing is available through Alphaeon™ Credit and CareCredit®.

After you review the information about our LASIK surgery technology, we can help you find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK. At Vision for Life, our ophthalmologist, Jeffrey D. Horn, MD, offers LASIK surgery for the residents of Nashville, Murfreesboro and the surrounding communities of Tennessee. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today!

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