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Diabetic Eye Care in Nashville, TN

Living with diabetes means that you need to take extra precautions to stay healthy. Diabetic eye care ensures that you enjoy many years of clear vision. Jeffrey D. Horn, MD, of Vision for Life offers diabetic eye care for the residents of Nashville, Brentwood, Bellevue and the surrounding communities of Tennessee.

What is Diabetic Eye Care?

Diabetes is a medical condition that can affect the blood flow to the retina, the part of the eye that sends information to the optic nerve. Without the nutrients in your blood, the retina does not function properly, and you may lose your eyesight. Poor blood supply also triggers the body to develop more blood vessels in the eyes, but the new vessels are poorly formed and tear easily. A person with diabetes may have small pools of blood inside the eyes, and this can further degrade vision and result in retinal detachment and other complications.

Benefits of Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic eye care at Vision for Life ensures that your retina is receiving an adequate supply of blood, nutrients, and oxygen. Part of the care package also includes routine examinations to monitor any changes and address problems in the earliest possible stages.

How Does Diabetes Affect My Eyes?

Because diabetes can impact the flow of blood to your retina, the complications associated with diabetes are:

  • Increased risk for cataracts
  • Leaking of fluid or blood inside the eye
  • Blurry vision, known as diabetic macular edema
  • Detached retina
  • Dark spots in the vision field

Who is at Risk for Developing Diabetes-Related Eye Problems?

Anyone who is diagnosed with diabetes is at risk for developing diabetes-related eye problems. The following are risk factors for diabetes:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Having a baby that weighs nine pounds or more at birth
  • Being at least 45 years old
  • Having African, Native American or Hispanic heritage
  • Being inactive
  • Having a family history of the condition

Diabetic Eye Care

During your first diabetic eye care appointment, Dr. Horn will perform a series of tests to evaluate the health of your eyes. Your eyes need to be dilated for the screenings. During the tests, Dr. Horn will look for signs of diabetes-related eye problems, such as:

  • White areas (nerve damage)
  • Blood spots
  • Leaking of fluid or blood
  • Abnormalities in the vessels on the retina
  • Diabetic macular edema

If you have a diabetes-related eye problem, Dr. Horn will explain your treatment options and the anticipated results. Pan retinal photocoagulation is a laser treatment that destroys abnormal blood vessels on the retina and stops leaks in the vessels.

If your eyes are clear of any signs of diabetes-related problems, Dr. Horn will advise you about ways to protect your eyes from the damaging effects of diabetes.

  • Have an eye examination at our practice one time per year.
  • Effectively manage your diabetes.
  • Lose weight and make healthy changes to your lifestyle.
  • Ensure that your primary physician communicates with Dr. Horn about the status of your diabetes.
  • Pregnant women with diabetes should have their eyes examined every three months until childbirth and three months after the child is born.

How Much Does Diabetic Eye Care Cost in Nashville?

The cost of your diabetic eye care may be covered by your vision and medical insurance. We accept cash, check and major credit cards, including Visa®, MasterCard®, and American Express®, for your out-of-pocket costs, such as a co-payment, deductible and co-insurance, and any other remaining balance. Financing is available through Alphaeon™ Credit and CareCredit®.

Diabetes can have detrimental effects on your vision, but the problems can be detected early with regular eye examinations by an ophthalmologist. At Vision for Life, our ophthalmologist, Jeffrey D. Horn, MD, offers diabetic eye care for the residents of Nashville, Murfreesboro and the surrounding communities of Tennessee. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today!

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