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Ages 18-44 in Nashville, TN

As you enter adulthood, your lifestyle will change, and you need ophthalmology services that are specific for patients ages 18 to 44. Jeffrey D. Horn, MD, of Vision for Life offers ophthalmology services and vision solutions by age to maximize the treatment outcomes for the residents of Nashville, Brentwood, Green Hills and the surrounding communities of Tennessee.

What Vision Changes Happen from Ages 18-44?

Your vision will change as you get older, but typically not before you turn 44 years old. Most patients between ages 18 to 44 are interested in convenience and cost-effective vision solutions.

What are Vision Solutions for Ages 18-44?

By the time people reach adulthood, they may have already been living with eyeglasses and contact lenses for many years. At this stage in life, though, you can now consider a permanent solution for vision correction.

What Types of Vision Solutions are Common for People Ages 18-44?

LASIK allows you to eliminate the need for eyeglasses and contact lenses with a simple, safe procedure. Dr. Horn uses the Allegretto Wavelight® laser to treat a wide range of prescriptions. With this technology, he is able to give his patients exceptional results that are often better than 20/20. Learn more about LASIK.

For patients with high prescriptions, thin corneas and certain professions, Dr. Horn may recommend PRK, a procedure that is similar to LASIK. The healing time is a bit longer, but the results are comparable.

Another option for patients ages 18 to 44 is phakic lenses which are implantable contact lenses that are placed in front of your eye’s natural lens. If you have a prescription level that is too high for LASIK, this may be an option for you. The lenses can help you achieve the excellent vision and may be removed in the future if needed.

If eye surgery seems too much for you, Dr. Horn will provide the support and professional expertise you need to wear contact lenses and eyeglasses that provide the best vision solution.

How Much Do Vision Solutions for Ages 18-44 Cost in Nashville?

The cost of your vision solutions for ages 18 to 44 may be covered by your vision and medical insurance. We accept cash, check and major credit cards, including Visa®, MasterCard®, and American Express®, for your out-of-pocket costs, such as a co-payment, deductible and co-insurance, and any other remaining balance. Financing is available through Alphaeon™ Credit and CareCredit®.

Patients ages 18-44 achieve the best possible results at Vision for Life. Jeffrey D. Horn, MD, offers vision solutions by age to enhance outcomes for the residents of Nashville, Murfreesboro, Franklin and the surrounding communities of Tennessee. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact us today!

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